Bridgestone Tires

Crown Automotive is proud to carry Bridgestone tires.  We carry the Potenza, Turanza, Ecopia, Blizzak, Dueler and Duravis brand tires. 

The Bridgeston Protenza tires offer unmatched grip and stability.  Protenza tires will give you the confidence to take turns without losing vehicle performance.  Not only do these tires change how your vehicle will interact with the road but they will maximize your driving experience.  Protenza tires are what happens when performance and precision are combined to deliver a racing-inspired feel.

You no longer need to worry about a quiet ride vs. all weather performance.  The Bridgestone Turanza is the answer!  Take on all weather conditions SAFELY with the Bridgestone Turanza all season tire with Serenity technology. Turanza offers optimal tread design to reduce road noise and handle the pavement in wet and dry weather. Please contact our parts department for more information about the Turanza with Serenity Technology, Turanza EL400 and Turanza EL42 tires among many other great all season tire options.

Engineered for the environment-conscious driver, Ecopia low rolling resistance tires will increase your fuel efficiency and provide a smooth, comfortable ride.  Bridgestone Ecopia Tires combine eco-friendly performance and low rolling resistance tire technology to deliver increased MPGs. The reduced rolling resistance is the source of increased fuel efficiency, but has the added benefit of providing a quiet ride.
Call us to find the best low rolling resistance Ecopia tires for your vehicle and begin enjoying improved fuel efficiency and smooth quiet ride.

Nothing is more important that your family's safety.  To get through wet, icy, snowy and dry winter conditions, you need winter tires that will work with your vehicle's handling performance. Blizzak is the best tire choice for preparing for the winter driving season.  Tires for winter driving are meant to provide safety and reliability when the seasons change, but fitting your vehicle with Blizzak winter tires is the only way to secure superior performance when driving in snow and freezing road conditions. Bridgestone's winter tires allow drivers to enjoy driving even when the temperature drops and the ice forms. Finding Bridgestone Blizzak tires has never been easier!  We can help you find the right Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires for dependable handling on the ice and snow.

Engineered for outstanding traction as well as a quiet and smooth ride, Dueler handles all-terrain driving conditions so you can travel the world with confidence. Call us to help you find the right Dueler Tires for your vehicle, we can help you choose from the the following options:  Dueler RVT, Dueler A/T and Dueler H/T tires among many other great Bridgestone Dueler Tires for your Light Truck or SUV.

Duravis tires are the tough as nails, all-terrain, heavy duty truck tires that go the distance for grueling commercial use. They have a strong sidewall and great wear.  Only heavy duty truck tires can support the towing, loading, extensive highway miles and all-terrain capabilities that most commercial and recreational vehicles demand. Bridgestone Duravis tires allow you to haul the heaviest loads on the highway or off-road driving with peace of mind. When your business depends on your tires your vehicle should be riding on heavy duty truck tires. Find the dependable Bridgestone Duravis tires you need for your truck, van or SUV with our Quick Tire Search, or select from the Duravis tire list below to compare heavy duty truck tires including Duravis M700, Duravis R500 and Duravis R250 tires.

The staff at Crown Auto Group are ready to help you purchase new Bridgestone tires from one of our several new car dealerships in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, or New Jersey. We have major locations in Charlottesville VA, Greensboro NC, Richmond VA, Midlothian, VA, Fayetteville NC, Durham NC, Hamilton NJ and Princeton, NJ. We have Bridgestone tires available for your Acura, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Jeep, MINI, Nissan, RAM and Volvo. We also have a large selection of used cars, trucks, SUVS and minivans available at any one of our locations along the East Coast. 

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